Yet more lines about lipids

                 A drug that’s dear to our hearts

I had thought that simvastatin

Was a rude word in Latin

Like that pill that refreshes your parts

But in fact, all it does

Is to clear out the fudge

And de-sludge the inside of your heart.


Helps with the fat in

Butter and scratchings of pork

But after years of inaction

And the odd adverse reaction

You no longer run - you just walk...

That valiant drug’s done its best - but the fug

In your blood, that’s turbid with lipids,

Caused mainly by pasties - and ‘oop North’ by pork pies,

(Which is why you’ve exceeded your optimum size)

Can only be cleared

If you lay off the beer.

Become vegan and go to a gym

Try religion - keep pigeons!

Join the club, miss the pub,

And stay in


And with your prayers every night

T’would be wise to pop in

A nice little pink pill

Of Sim-vas-ta-tin

© nigel hallworth 2021