I'm already missing Donald

However, it seems that sometimes, to paraphrase Harold Wilson, four years is a short time in politics..


I'm already missing Donald the Bad

I thought I'd be happy, I thought I'd be glad

He ignored all the warnings

About Global Warming

He de-regulated

The things that we hated...

But -

I'm already missing Donald the bad.

The world is a sad and a gloomy old place. 

It's racked by disease and by angst about race

In lockdown our pleasures were few, brief, and fleeting

But enlivened in part by the mad midnight tweetings

Of the dastardly Donald the Bad....

A world so beset by invisible death

Had little to cheer it, and all that was left

Was the clown in the White House

The fox in the hen-house

A dark and foreboding comedy act

So enter 'fake news' and 'alternative facts'

Oh I'm missing Donald the Bad.

Donald the Bad, Donald the Bad

The best bonkers leader the world's every had

A brash and brazen pantomime villain

We had someone to boo - he was one in a million

Yes - we're missing Donald the Bad.

© nigel hallworth 2021