The Vegan Poets

Mixing prejudice with plagiarism : The Vegan Poets -

Henry V, William Shakespeare:

Be there men in England yet abed 

Or skulking still in garden shed

This Crispin’s day who won’t be able

To strike a blow for vegetables

The Old vicarage, Granchester, after Rupert Brooke.

And is there hummus still for tea ?

On the vicarage lawn at a quarter to three

Fear not fair vegan for it do be

Product of pea and not of bee

If : Rudyard Kipling.

If you can keep your head when all about you

Are losing theirs and eating meat and dairy products too

If you can hold the line when you’re the only one

To have nut roast - you’ll be vegan, my son

Richard III 

Now is the winter of our good intent

Made glorious summer by this shun of pork

And lamb and beef and other meats

No more shall leather guide our royal horse

Henceforth, ’tis plastic reigns, of course…

© nigel hallworth 2021