The Quality of Mercy

THE QUALITY OF MERCY (Bake-off version)

The quality of mercy is quite strange,

The grass is wet,

Although as yet

It hasn't rained, upon the place beneath.

It is twice blessed

It blesses him that sieves and him that bakes..

And those who sit in judgment from on high

On decorated cake and spicéd pie

Might regard the awful power of sceptered kings

As less than burgered bun or onion rings

And so, regarding ye who justice seek

Think on't, that though thou scal'st the peak

Of thine ambition every week and gain thy star

And prove thy skill, eclipse thy peers by far,

Though thou might bake confined inside thy pie

Blackbirds that fly,

Or bring forth from thine Aga-ed heat a dish

Of his Grace of Cornwall's starry-gazing fish

Thou still shalt fail,

For in thy last confection

Must enmesh

A pound exact of thine own living flesh

© nigel hallworth 2021