Scabious (or, Shallots 2)


How are your scabious?

Mine are outrageous !

How are your cosmos?

Mine are a complete loss

So - spring gives you such a thrill

When you see your first daffodil

That's followed by a golden host

Trust you to always have the most

You go out every day 

And pick a bouquet.

I usually find

Mine have all come up blind

I suffer from voles

Whose multiple holes

Show where I'd planted my lovely spring bulbs

My dahlias succumb

To earwigs and slugs

And my lilies to pretty

Little red bugs

But then I'm a resource

For wildlife of course 

My poor little plot is a food bank

Your flowers are abundant

There's safety in numbers

So the pests just avoid their proud serried ranks

It was really quite kind 

To keep us in mind

And to bring us your beautiful surplus flowers

To pretend you weren't  noting

Though I knew you were gloating - 

That your blooms were much bigger and better than ours..

The only things in my plot

That are much bigger and better than what you have got

Are the slugs..

So - I think I'll stop trying

Since everything is dying

I've had my lot with my plot

I'll bow to the inevitable

No more flowers, no more vegetables

I'm going to concrete over the lot.

© nigel hallworth 2021