A little girl goes, as everyone knows

Through a brief equestrian stage.

She worships in truth

Everything with a hoof

But don't worry, it's only her age... 

She whinnies and neighs at her spinach

And shies at her nice Brussels sprouts

She thinks she's a horse

( But she isn't, of course )

And she won't get out of the bath !

She goes everywhere at a canter

She won’t walk (she’s learning to trot)

She insists that her shoes

Are nailed onto her hooves

But she still does cartwheels a lot…

There’s a show-jumping course in the garden

Using your best bamboo canes

And she insists that

You must wear a hard hat

And not laugh - ‘cos it isn’t a game!

Her dearest ambition is to win a rosette

And to have a small horse as a family pet

She’d spend all day grooming

And gymkhanas are looming

But it’s not got to that stage, just yet!

Oh, if it was only

My Little Pony

Playing at horses at home in her room

But of course, if she still thinks

That horses are pink

Is there hope she'll grow out of it soon.....?

© nigel hallworth 2021