Hope Springs Maternal

In the autumn of 2016,  when this was written, the world political climate was showing hopeful signs of change, in a new direction


All will be well, with women in charge.

Goodbye to Boris, Gove and Farage

The girls have forsaken the sink and the oven

And hopefully Hillary's joining the coven

But though with feminine wiles and smiles and guile

They've lifted themselves to the top of the pile -

If enough fools in the land of the free

Should elect a clown to the presidency..

If a bare-chested superman still rules the state

Where long ago, sadly,  Catherine was great

What hope will there be if the ladies fail

What hope for us if the hard men prevail ?

Then the world won't be saved

There'll be no golden age

And Margaret will turn in her grave 

But the smart money's still on Ms. Clinton

(Truth to tell though, she's looking her age -)

Mrs May's kindly given Boris a job

And Farage is back in his cage

Still, Ange is in charge of the Germans

And Nicky is queen of the Scots

And Elizabeth R's done alright so far

Is it too much to hope for a feminine tzar ?

But  do we really want women running the world ?

Will our leaders be one day all girls ?

If we keep the faith

Will they keep the world safe ?

Common sense in twin-set and pearls ?

But that might not be all that's yet to befall

Should we dare to hope they extend their scope 

Beyond temporal power and that might come the hour -

That one day,  might a lady,

Be Pope ?

Yes, I think it’s going to be alright…….

 But -

Where misogyny's rife

There’s conflict and strife

And if fortune forsakes

Bill Clinton's wife -

There may come a time when the whole world hates

The President of

The United States

Our hopes and our dreams fell to earth with a bump

The day they elected

President Trump.

© nigel hallworth 2016