Homme 'Flu

This is a rather sad compilation of excruciatingly strangled franglais :


Mon joie de vie's in a descending spiral

I think I'm going down with something viral

J'ai perdu mon panache, haven't seen it for days

Mon élan's down the pan avec creeping malaise

Mon esprit de corps

Has all leaked out I’m sure

My sang-froid's hors de combat

But thats nothing new -

I've had a recurrence of déjà vu.

Encore et encore, I'm pretty damn sure

C'est la true deja vu, 'cos I've had it before.

My double entendre is currently singular

Which, I suppose, can mean only, one thing

I might be on the mend, Mais je ne sais quoi 

I wish I was feeling a bit more like moi.

And just when I'm feeling a bit more like me

Along comes a wave of more French ennui

Mon raison d'être is currently shrivelled

That's the reason I'm writing this kind of drivel

I suppose it's a sort of dommage limitation exercise.... 

© nigel hallworth 2021