Annabel paediatric rap

Acapella Paediatric Rap.

The mummies are chatting 

And Annabelle's bored

They've finished their lattes

But Annabelle's bored

Annabelle's bored with Annabelle's toys

Now's the time for Annabelle to make a bit of noise

If she makes a bit of noise perhaps the mummmies will hear

Perhaps mummie's quite forgotten that Annabelle's here

But Annabelle's mummie won't stop chattering

Annabelle's ignored and that's not flattering

Annabelle's bored, Annabelle's bored

She wonders why Annabelle's here at all

They're chatting very fast but Annabelle knows

As the conversation flows that no-one really knows 

She's here.. At all...She's far... too small..

To matter………at all....

There's really very little that she can do

Because Annabelle's little... Annabelle's two..

Annabelle! Annabelle! Don't give up

Annabelle! Annabelle there's your cup

Still full of stickiness - why not tip it up?....

There - it's done - at last you've won

And the lovely pink stickiness is heading for mum

Now she'll know that Annabelle's here

Sticky stuff dripping into Mummie's lap

Mummie jumps up shouting "what's that crap!"

Annabelle! Annabelle! You did that!

Annabelle giggles.. what lovely fun

Mummie's going home with a pink sticky bum.

So - there really was something that she could do

Although Annabelle's little... she's nearly two..

© nigel hallworth 2020