This afternoon I saw a bee


This afternoon I saw a bee

It wasn't at all aware of me

There are no flowers that I can see

That might appeal to a wandering bee.

And yet, here in the heat of the late afternoon

Many long miles from the nearest bloom

It's happily humming its hopeful tune

Searching for nectar, perhaps, or a home,

Lazily, slowly, undulating

Calmly, patiently, faithfully, waiting

Perhaps it knows, it's anticipating

That here, one day

When we've all gone away

There'll be seeds, then weeds,

And eventually trees

And I wonder, when those of us left have gone home,

And the bee remains, all alone

What happens here if a young man dies

And all but his bones become one with the earth

Would he eventually fertilise

The soil, and so bring forth the birth

Of flowers?

© nigel hallworth 2014