The unfortunate lot of a private named Potts


At last it was time to leave the front line

And the lads stood in line, calm and steady

Except sadly, for one , ( who'd at least, found his gun )

But otherwise wasn't quite ready.

Said the sergeant-major

Now is the hour

The Hun's bound to run, he's outnumbered!

Said a voice from the ranks

To be perfectly frank

It would seem that someone has blundered!

Loaded up as we are

'Twould seem better by far

If we was to advance unencumbered.

You'll have to attack

With your pack on your back

'Cos who will look after it

Till you get back?

And then, perchance, at your next kit inspection

Your sarge, not expecting any less than perfection

Might say " Private Potts, you've been over the top,

But our front line has not,

Been advanced; not one jot!"

So if there's found missing, from your issued equipment

One insignificant item, you'll be labeled delinquent

And shot!

I say said the officer, that's a bit strong!

In fact, it's all tommy rot

If he shoots all his bullets, going over the top

Will he have to pay for the lot?

Then up piped Potts

Saying, "The officer's got

The high moral part in this story

And I'll hope he'll deflect the sergeant's fury

When defects are found in my inventory"

So if I don't come back

With my back-pack intact

Perhaps it's best if I fall,

And don't come back at all

And if the sergeant-major cares

To go out under fire

He'll find my back-pack

Out there on the wire

And he's welcome to check

If everything's there

'Cos by then I don't think

That I'll really care

© nigel hallworth 2014