The trouble with war


The trouble with war

Is it's always the poor

Bloody infantry doing the fighting

And we don't get no thanks

In our 'orrible hot tanks,

Which are noisy, unsafe, and plain frightening.

And ambulance driving

As the shells are arriving

Is quite frankly, far less than enticing.

But a good charge on a horse

Waving sabres of course,

Must be awfully good fun and exciting!

Though I have say, farming

Is much less alarming

Though it can't be much fun if you're French

When some foreigners steal

Your very best fields

To dig up for a muddy old trench.

But then I would say flying's

The best way of dying

If you're thinking of choosing a way

But I'm not, don't you know

So I don't think I'll go

I'd rather be making hay

And now they've put women

To work on the land

I'll be needed here

To lend them a hand

You're quite right - it's my duty

To stay

© nigel hallworth 2014