Tea Treat


Isn't it, isn't it, terribly exciting,

We're going abroad where we've not been before

It'll be over soon, and there won't be much fighting

More like a tea-treat than war !

We're going to travel to far foreign parts

While you poor sods just sit on yer arse

We'll be fed, we'll be paid, we'll have billets and beds

And when we come home, the pick of the tarts!

So now we're in France

And you just have to glance

At the ambulance trains to see

That perhaps we were wrong

This might go on too long

And not be a picnic for we.

Left right, left right,

Hear the guns they've been banging all night

Eyes front, we're going to the front

I've a horrible feeling we're going to fight.

© nigel hallworth 2014