And so I said to our sarge

The one who's in charge

And whose bite is much worse than his bark

I'm not really cut out for this soldiering lark

And he said;

Son, I fully understand your feeling

Empathy's part of our sergeanting training

And I wouldn't like to ask you to go out there in the mud

Especially as it's just started raining.

But I'm not in charge of this army

Just this little bit here in this trench

And the general would think I was barmy

If I let you go out and get drenched

So, bear with me Son

Just find your nice gun

If you can remember just where you left it

And I think I know best

So accede to my request

We'll have a quiet stroll

Find a nice safe shell hole

Have a fag, and a joke, and a laugh

And when we get back

When we've done the attack

You can have supper, and I'll run your bath.

© nigel hallworth 2014