Jolly flying weather

JOLLY FLYING WEATHER   ( sung to a tune vaguely reminiscent of the Eton boating song )

Jolly flying weather

Up in the blue blue sky,

With the engine a-roaring

Life's never boring

But often distressingly short.

Jolly flying weather

What a beautiful day to die

We drop little bombs

With panache and aplomb

While singing the Eton Boating song

Such a shame we won't live very long

For flying's such jolly fine sport.

Jolly flying weather,

Up in the blue blue sky

If God meant us to fly

He'd have given us wings

Instead of these rickety aeroplane things

But what's wrong with the sky's

That it's far far too high

And when I look down - How I wish that I -

I wish I had one of those parachute things.

© nigel hallworth 2014

The higher authorities in the RFC  were opposed to the issuing of parachutes . It was felt at the time that a parachute might tempt a pilot to abandon his aircraft in an emergency rather than continuing the fight.