If every man

Each and every man

Did what little

One little man can

And refused to fight

Refused to fight

For surely that is every man's right?

If every one

Every mother's son

Laid down their arms

Then the war is done

Then the war is won

And the victors would be


But if only the men

Over here, on our side

Laid down their guns

And forgot their pride -

But that would be national suicide

And then the Hun

Would have won....

But - should I be dying

Amid the screaming and crying

Should I be joining

The gory glory

Of the war of wars?

Perhaps if I went

To where I was sent

And agreed my best friend was my rifle

And when told to shoot

I could aim high

At the senseless sky

Or - should I stand firm

And when it's my turn

To be called to the glorious colours

Say I'd rather not fight

Because I don't think it's right

And leave fighting the war to others ?

© nigel hallworth 2014