Verses, Prose & Songs

Nigel Hallworth

Greater love

And The King Came

A Poem about a Street Party         

Onward (song)

Church Parade

I don't know them

The Bravest of the Very Brave 

Dance a jig

What is it like to be a German? 

The Ivy and the Vines?


Land of Hope and Glory

Tea Treat

We all of us went

Dear Charlie


Black Humour

A Pasty's a thing of the past

The Flower of Eton

A bee



An Englishman's Horse

The unfortunate lot of a private called Potts 

This afternoon I saw a bee

This afternoon I met a bee 

They said

I do what I can


The Trouble with War

Trench foot


Cavalry Charges

A Tank


Subterranean Soldiers

How soon the dawn ?

Of His Majesty's Forces

The Flying Lesson

Jolly Flying Weather(Song)

A Sailor's letter home

The Admiral and Me


Don't you know ?

Douglas Haig


The End

The Ghosts

There's no more need for us.

                  To End All Wars? (The Thunder of Guns)

Verses, Songs and Prose From the Perfomances at The Wesley Chapel,

Ponsmere Rd. Perranporth Cornwall on November 26th. 2014, and on November 11th. 2018.